The Sanctuary Church Advent Offering is a special opportunity to target our giving towards four initiatives for the new year.

We aim to raise $50,000 above and beyond our regular offering to contribute to four strategic areas outlined below by January 31st.

We believe God calls us to be givers – generous sharers of His abundance. In our giving, we participate in God’s work in the world, and we participate in the transforming work God wants to do in each of us.


This year we are partnering with our friends at Bags of Hope to provide thousands of duffle bags to children in foster care, embroidered with their name and filled with age appropriate comfort items (i.e. pillow pets, journals, fleece blankets, etc). Children in foster care often store their personal belongings in a trash bag – the goal of Bags of Hope is to replace these trash bags with Duffle bags.

This Christmas, we are committing to helping our friends at Bags of Hope make all this happen.

More information coming soon



More details, videos, and stories to come as we highlight a new part of our Advent Offering each week in December….

Medical care is inaccessible for the 1.6 million people in Congo’s Équateur Province. Typically, the closest hospital is a ten-mile walk and local village clinics lack basic necessities. The clinics operate without electricity or clean water. Medicines and supplies are available only intermittently. Curable illnesses take lives every day.
In partnership with several other local Covenant churches, funds from this year’s Advent Offering will equip a clinic in the village of Konga Ingwa for the coming year, providing it with first-time solar electricity, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, salary for Gana the village nurse, and additional operations costs.


More details, videos, and stories to come as we highlight a new part of our Advent Offering each week in December….

One of the clearest ways we are able to be the church in Providence is to provide tangible help in times of need. Each year, our needs ministry helps us show the love of Jesus whenever and wherever the need arises– whether providing meals, paying rent checks, providing access to professional counselors, or caring for an array of spiritual and tangible needs. In 2015, our needs ministry was able to provide over $10,000 worth of care.

Our church family is growing. This year we became a family of two churches, and we are looking ahead to a third neighborhood church on the horizon on the Eastside. As we continue to grow and reach more parts of the city, as our ministry systems and structures becomes more complex – Central Ministries becomes essential in supporting the healthy growth of this church family into the future.

The functions of Central Ministries include network-wide vision, systems and leadership development, financial management, media production, human resources, and communications. Central Ministries also generates shared resources, and provides logistical leadership on church-wide events and demographic-based ministries (such as premarital counseling and events like the Parents Table.)

To get more specific and practical, Central Ministries is made up of people. People like Sarah Cowan Johnson, Executive Pastor of the Sanctuary Network, and Jason Lee, our Creative Director – who serve not just one parish but the entire church network. Sarah’s strategic leadership and Jason’s creative leadership enable ministries like the homegroups we’ve been talking about today to thrive and grow and reproduce quickly across all Sanctuary churches.

CITY PARISH MODEL: Sanctuary Church is transitioning to be more organized like Providence: by neighborhood. We believe we’re called to live beyond Sunday gatherings and midweek homegroups; to invest our whole lives in developing deep community with fellow believers in proximity to where we live.

We call this neighborhood model The City Parish. Our neighborhood churches exist as part of a larger, unified family.

Historically to have a parish meant to take spiritual responsibility for a geographic area. That’s why future Sanctuary churches will join in taking ownership of the spiritual condition of their neighborhood, finding ways to not only love one another, but tangibly love those living nearby through acts of service and stewarding resources for the common good.

Our hope is that each city parish church will be diverse in its essential nature, uniting women, men, and families from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds across the metropolitan area.


Some language used from “City Parish Model” by City Collective

This year we are working with our long time partners at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to support Jeremy Ogunba as he begins a new work at Brown University.
Jeremy was born and raised in Providence, RI and attended higher education at Rhode Island College. Upon graduating in 2012, Jeremy felt called to staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He served at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Rhode Island College, and currently serves at Brown University. Jeremy is also the Black Campus Ministries (BCM) coordinator for the New England Region. He currently lives in Providence with his wife Charity, son Dav-on, and daughter Hope. The Ogunba family is also expecting another child in July of 2018.