“Building Campaign”

Sanctuary’s first “building campaign” is not raising funds for a building, but for a people. We believe we are inviting build a movement by equipping his people to be the church, and specifically to start new outposts of the way of Jesus throughout our region.

We have been asking the question since the beginning: how can we better equip this family of Jesus followers in Providence to be the church? On Vision Sunday we took one step closer to becoming the church we want to see. When church is a movement, our stewardship becomes the unleashing of our God-given gifts, talents, and passions for the love of our city – and that is what we experienced on Sunday.

In our time, the church will grow if we can find a way to help every believer move outside the walls of church; influencing and filling in every potential missionary gap that exists with the message, power, and hope of the Gospel.


We wrestling with a way of doing church that inverts conventional notions about who can lead and that prioritizes mission and formation.  Rather than empower a few clergy who then recruit volunteers to reach spectators, our approach moves the emphasis to releasing missionaries through leadership development. The result is a form of church that revives mission, exponentially multiplying the impact of the church.

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With your help we plan to structure a service platform for all of our Outposts. This platform is meant to equip and empower leadership.

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