The Frontline

LOCAL / Feed The Frontlines

Over the course of 2020 we delivered hundreds of meals to frontline works. With the unpresednent surge currently happening in our state we are creating a fund to allow us to continue to bless frontline workers with gifts, meals, and mental health support.

CONGO / Paul Carlson Partnership

Through the Advent Offering, we have continued to support a village medical clinic in the Konga Ingwa village through the Congo Clinic Initiative. This Past year we were able to help training medical professionals, provide medicines and supplies, improve their infrastructure, and contribute to quality patient care.

Additionally we were able to send 20 local, Congolese nursing students to medical school!

This year we will send a grant through the Paul Carlson Partnership to assist the CEUM Medical Staff in their frontline battle with COVID-19 in their hospitals and clinics.


nursing school.jpg